Training the way Nature Intended – Primal Workouts

Primal WorkoutsNature is incredible. In the wild, animals will change and adapt in order to survive in different environments. Predators such as tigers or wolves have developed traits such as speed and agility. They are natural killers. No one has to “teach” a tiger to kill an antelope; the tiger instinctively knows how to do this. This is all part of the way animals in the wild develop naturally.

Get Lean and Strong

In nature, animals are in excellent physical condition, but how do they get in shape? Do animals go to the gym, lift weights, or do cardio? Of course not. Animals don’t need to exercise to stay lean and strong because physical activity is simply part of everyday life. All species take part in a natural exercise regime called “survival”. You may be wondering what tigers and wolves have to do with your body. The answer is simple: Humans are part of nature too-yet we seem to have forgotten this fact.

Over time humanity has become completely disconnected with our own relationship with nature. Thousands of years ago we couldn’t just microwave a meal or visit a drive-through. We had to hunt or scavenge for our food. This is what our bodies are actually built for, but without the necessity to participate in these activities, humans have become soft and unfit. If we had to exercise to survive like animals, then our bodies would also be lean and strong without trips to the gym.

Unfortunately, we torture ourselves with the newest workout trends and the  latest diets. These are often just fads with little or no actual science to back them up. Even with all these tools and tricks, people still gain weight and are unhealthy. How can it be that humans are so smart yet can’t figure out how to stay in shape? Of course the answer is right under our noses.

Get back to nature

Perhaps if we exercise the way the natural way, we wouldn’t be in such a mess. People waste their time doing unnatural exercises and never see the results. Why? Just imagine our warrior ancestors such as the Romans, Vikings, and Spartan. Do you think they were doing Pilates and drinking protein shakes? These warrior cultures were fighting for survival- that’s how they attained their lean, muscular, and powerful bodies. Instead of doing unnatural isolated exercise, these cultures “trained” by combining a variety of realistic movements with authentic skills.

There is no silver bullet to get a lean, strong, and muscular body, but the solution is simple – get back to nature. We need to get in touch with our primal past and start training the way nature intended. Getting primal is a way to become healthier and also start to see significant results. A strategy like lean hybrid muscle training is the ideal way to train the natural way.

When our ancestors needed to eat, they didn’t order a pizza; they foraged or hunted for food. This entailed a great deal of exercise whether it was running from predators, carrying food long distances, or stalking potential prey. This is what our bodies are made to do.

Hybrid Muscle Training

The advantage of hybrid muscle training is that is that it combines the best features of power-lifting, cardio, bodybuilding, and strongman. This training philosophy is actually quite similar to the physical behavior of our ancestors. Despite the fact that this approach may seem counter intuitive, it is actually an effective method for burning fat and building muscle. Lean hybrid muscle training is one way to take your workout to the next level and see serious results.

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