Two Tickets to The Gun Show: How to Increase Your Bicep Size

Increase Bicep SizeGetting large biceps may seem difficult, but there are only a few steps people need to follow in order to get them.

Increase Bicep Size: Rest Up

The issue with many people today is that when they work out and don’t see results quickly enough, they usually get frustrated and start doing more. Gentlemen, overworking your biceps is a big mistake. Muscle growth occurs in resting periods, when the body has time to repair and grow tissue. When you keep working on your arms, they aren’t getting proper rest and may start breaking down. Most workout plans say to isolate muscle groups and give them between one to three days to rest. This allows them to refuel and repair.

Increase Bicep Size: Eat Properly

If you’re giving your arms enough time to repair then look at what you’re eating. Every health professional will tell you to eat carbs for energy prior to a workout, drink lots of water for hydration, eat lean proteins such as chicken or fish, and most of all: avoid junk food! Chips, soda, and red meat contains lots of salt, sugar, and fat, all of which are very bad for you when there is too much. For those that don’t eat junk, ensure that you’re eating properly because a very large percentage of muscle growth comes from sufficient nutrition.

For those who were overweight and did lots of cardio to shed pounds, most diets call for reduction of calories and carbs. When converting from losing weight to gaining muscle, although it’s difficult, make sure you start eating a lot. Don’t be afraid of getting overweight; when you’re fit, your body tends to burn calories quicker and needs more nutrition. Without more food, your body would break down muscle to get nutrition.

Increase Bicep Size: Workout Routine

After diet and workout plans are established you can start working out. Using machines, free weights (in various positions), and certain sports like boxing are key ways to get great arms. Make sure that you alternate the workouts however, because the body needs to be “shocked” to grow. When you do the same workout, the body gets used to the stress and stops growing. Also, when working out there is one key to success: isolate. Make sure when you work out your arms you are in the proper position and that your not letting other body parts overcompensate (i.e. swaying your body instead of remaining straight). If you are unable to lift weights without moving the rest of your body, switch to a lower weight; you’re only going to get hurt.

Remember: make sure you’re eating the proper amount and type of food, giving your arms enough time to rest like every two days or so, and when working out, alternate between different types of bicep workouts as well as ensuring you are isolating the muscle group.

So men, good luck, and be patient: with these tips you can have beach worthy biceps in no time.

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