Underrated Bicep Moves That Add 1/2″ of Arm Mass

When it comes to building muscle, your muscle growth is dependent on two things: resistance and variety. Sure, you may be throwing new plates on your curl bar every week, but that doesn’t mean that your biceps are going to grow one bit.

Even though it’s common to see people bench pressing at angles that can’t even be found on a protractor, it seems that everyone trying to build their biceps think that the only way to do it is to add more weight to their stale old curls.

By swapping your tired bicep routine with these seldom-seen bicep moves, you’ll be able to achieve growth that would be impossible by mindlessly curling day and night.

Building Biceps – Switch Grips

One of the easiest ways to spring new bicep muscle fibers into action is to change your hand grip. This way, you’re not tethered to the palm up or palm to the side hammer bicep curl. With an E-Z curl bar and an imagination, you’ll be hitting area of your bicep you never knew existed –and getting a killer pump.

Hit The Rocks

What, you thought that shirt-tearing biceps were always made in the confines of a gym? Not so. Check out a rock climbers arms, and you’ll see a bulging bicep that’s been carved by hardcore climbing sessions.

Rock climbing, whether in a rock gym or on a boulder, is a fantastic way to use your biceps in new ways.

Mix Up Sets, Reps, and Supersets

On bicep day, you always do 6 sets of 8-12 reps and wonder why your biceps won’t budge? It’s because their bored! Get them out of their comfort zone by doing super high-reps (50+ reps), power-sets (2-3 reps), or supersets (back to back bicep moves).

If you want to really shock those bi’s into growth, change up reps, sets, and types of resistance every session for 2 months.

Do Nothing

Many times, people try so hard to build up a muscle group that they end up overtraining it. Simply put, an over trained muscle doesn’t grow –no matter how much you work it.

If you’ve noticed your gains plateauing, it’s time to take a week off to let your biceps rest and recover. Next time you grip that barbell, you’ll feel stronger than you did before.

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