What can G-Flux do for My Body?

If you have been hearing about G-Flux at the gym, you may be wondering what this regimen is all about. Dr. John Berardi developed this philosophy which is really a combination of diet and physical activity. This regimen can help your body burn more fat but maintain lean muscle mass. G-Flux, sometimes called energy flux, refers to the relationship between energy input and output.


Lean and Weak or Strong and Flabby?

Of course everyone knows that in order to lose weight you must burn more calories than you take in. Unfortunately many people end up losing lean muscle mass along with the fat. This is not the ideal result. Those who want to gain weight and muscle will need to ingest more calories than they burn. Most of the time extra fat ends up accumulating in the body. No one wants to live constantly trying to balance their body like this-either lean and frail or strong and flabby.

The Benefits of G-Flux (Energy Flux)

The good news is that G-Flux can help to resolve the constant battle between eating enough caloric intake and exercise. As you increase your calorie intake, you will also increase your exercise level. G-Flux gives you an achievable strategy that will help you lose that fat without sacrificing lean muscle mass. If you go with the conventional calorie deficit model, you will almost certainly end up losing muscle mass.

If you use the G-Flux method, your body will burn fat instead of muscle. You may wonder how this happens. Increased activity level is the key to the G-Flux regimen, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Running for a few more minutes a day is not going to cut it. You can’t haphazardly start eating more and then just work out more to “balance it out”. That isn’t what this system is about. You have a targeted approach to your workout.

Although many peopled hailed G-Flux as the new big workout trend, the idea has been around since ancient time. There is nothing “new-fangled” or modern about this system. Warrior cultures used this method without even knowing it. Do you think that gladiators or Vikings were counting calories? They didn’t need to count calories because they had such an intensely active lifestyle.

Boost Your Metabolism

G-Flux works by upping your caloric intake, but then also increasing your calorie burning to the same level. Instead of eating 2000 calories a day and burning 2000 calories, you will eat 3000 calories and burn 3000 calories. This causes a metabolic shift in your body. Now your body goes into calorie burning overdrive just like a warrior. Sounds pretty good, right? If you are dedicated you can make this system work to your advantage, but don’t think this is an “easy” workout plan.

Some people may use this as an excuse to hit the buffet. Running a few extra miles is not going to combat three trips to the potato bar. Don’t start binge eating in the name of G-Flux; you’ll just end up a flabby mess. You still have to eat the right foods lean proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates. The right food with intense exercise will lead to a better, stronger, leaner body.

Your body is considered to be in a state of G-Flux when you follow this program of more calories and more intense exercise. G-Flux leads to increased metabolism and increased mitochondrial density. You will end up with that perfect gladiator physique and everyone will wonder how you achieved it. When you tell them that you’re just eat more and exercise more, they probably won’t know what to think. Just them you have the secret of G-Flux.

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