What Is Circuit Training


As you get going into your fitness plan, one form of workout that you may consider adding is circuit training. Circuit training will definitely bring a number of positive benefits and can be quite fun to do as well.

So what is circuit training and will it work well for you?

Let’s have a quick look at the main points to note about what circuit training offers.

What Is Circuit Training

First things first we need to discuss what circuit training is. Circuit training is where you’re going to take a series of exercises and pair them back to back with each other, doing one immediately after the next.

You’ll continue on like this until all the exercises you want to complete are finished, rest for 2-3 minutes, and then repeat the circuit again. Most people will use anywhere from 5-10 different exercises per circuit that they do, and will try and alternate between upper body exercises and lower body exercises so that they allow one half of the body to rest while the other half is working.

Who Is Circuit Training Best For

There are a number of key benefits that circuit training will offer and this can help you determine who the workout is best for. Circuit training is very short in duration, so if you’re on a busy schedule and need to get in and out of the gym quickly, it’s an ideal option to choose. You can typically do a full workout in 30 minutes or less when using this approach.

Secondly, since circuit training means you’ll be taking very little rest between each exercise that you do, this can help to provide both cardio and strength benefits. For those who don’t want to spend hours on the treadmill, bike, or cross trainer, this is definitely going to help you avoid doing so.

Finally, because circuit training is so intense, it’ll produce a very large metabolic boost immediately after it’s completed, so you’ll continue to burn fat for hours after the workout session. If you would like to get leaner, circuit training is a great way to help you do so.

Adding Circuit Training To Your Workout Program

So now that you know the main benefits to circuit training, how do you go about adding it into your workout program?

First, remember that since you will typically be working the entire body with each workout you do, you should be making sure to have one day of rest between sessions. This will ensure that you aren’t overly taxing the muscles and causing overtraining to occur.

Second, when first starting, if you need to take a few rest periods between exercises – say 10 seconds here or there, let yourself. You never want to sacrifice proper form because you’re too fatigued to keep going.
Be patient as your body adapts to using this approach.

So there you have the main facts to note about circuit training. When used properly, either on its own or in combination with a regular strength training muscle building workout program, it can definitely bring about some positive results.

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