What is the P90X Workout?

P90X Workout
Lately there has been an awful lot of hype surrounding this thing called the P90X workout. Hell, it sounds like some kind of new fighter jet – of COURSE it’s going to kick up a buzz. And for whatever reason, the exercise community just loves a new kind of workout.

Our bodies haven’t changed much in a million years or so, but it seems like every season we feel this urge to do something completely different… even if it really isn’t. So let’s drop the hype, and check out what P90X really is. For the purposes of this article, we’ll be looking at the P90X “Classic” workout regimen.

P90X Workout Routine

On Mondays, the P90X combines resistance training with abdominal work. This consists of your standard fare, with an emphasis on weights as a means of building muscle mass. And of course, the use of your abs will strengthen your core and make every other muscle group more able to operate at their peak ability.

Tuesdays are all about cardio. Get your heart rate up there (in the beginning, to 60% of your maximum rate, and later on up to 80%), and keep it up there for the duration. The weights are hard in that they push your intensity in short bursts… but cardio is where you develop heart in a way Rocky would approve of.

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Thursday is down right special, because it is essentially a Yoga experience. Thursday’s emphasis is on stretching out, and perfecting your balance. Obviously, limber muscles work much better than overly tight ones. And without good balance, any type of athletic performance will be stunted on its best day.

On Fridays, the resistance and ab workout returns in full force. Repetition is a big deal, and your muscles should be nice and healed from Monday’s battering by this point.

Saturdays see you going back to the cardio – eye of the tiger, my friends. You knew karma was going to get you back for all those wings and beer you used to ingest on Saturdays.

And Sunday is a day of rest. Not to say you can’t go for a long walk, or anything, but it isn’t mandated by the program.

Also keep in mind that P90X includes a Meal Plan. As we all know, exercise is just one part of getting into better shape. Your diet is another part. And since this workout routine is pretty hardcore, your “grit factor” is the third point on the triangle.

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