Women’s Workout Tips To Build An Hourglass Figure

If you’re getting started with your workout program to get into better shape while you melt fat, one thing that you should spend some time considering is what you can do to increase your hourglass figure shape and get the womanly look that most females crave.

If you design your training program properly, it’s more than possible to change the overall shape of your body so that you not only lose excess body fat in this process, but completely transform your results. That is really what will be most key in getting you the body that you desire.

Woman Hour Glass Figure WorkoutLet’s go over a few quick tips that you should keep in mind as you design your workout program to maintain that hourglass look.

Focus On The Shoulders

The very first thing that you’ll definitely want to make sure you’re doing is focusing on the shoulder muscles. By increasing the width of the shoulders ever so slightly, you can actually create the illusion of a slimmer waistline, giving your body that overall shape and look you desire.

Good shoulder exercises to include to accomplish this are shoulder presses, lateral raises, as well as front raises.

Avoid Weighted Abdominal Work

Second, the next important thing to note is that you should always avoid doing weighted ab work. Some women incorrectly believe this is the fast way to six pack abs, but don’t be misled.

All weighted ab work will do is increase the thickness of your waist, which chances are is definitely not what you’re going for.

Instead, focus on ab work that has you maintaining constant contraction.
Good examples of this would be the front and side plank, the prone ball roll in, and the lying leg raise. These will all help to give you muscle tone without the bulk.

Bring Up The Glutes

Moving on, the next step that you’ll want to take is to bring up your glute muscles. Having a nice rounded yet firm bottom is going to enhance the look of the lower body and round out that hourglass shape.

To work the glutes to a larger extent, make sure that you have the best glute building exercises in your plan. This includes lunges, split squats, full squats, step ups, and deadlifts.

Choose at least two of those per workout and perform 8-10 reps using a weight that fully challenges you.

Work Those Lats

Along with working the shoulder muscles, you also want to be sure that your lats get enough stimulation as well. Here again, by increasing the width of the back slightly, you will create that small waisted look.

Not to worry about building too large of an upper back however, as females just don’t have the testosterone levels present to be able to do this.

Avoid Too Much Direct Arm Work

Finally, last but not least, think twice about adding too much direct arm work to the program. While you do want some bicep and tricep exercises in there, don’t go overboard. That will just increase your masculine appearance, which isn’t what you want.

Remember to get rid of that underarm jiggle, lowering your body fat is what’s needed.
So there you have a few quick tips to enhance your female figure through your strength training workouts. Planned properly that hourglass figure you desire can be yours.

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