Bicep Focused Workout

Workout Goal: Build lean muscle mass while increasing strength especially in the bicep muscle
Features: Upper/Lower Workout Split, focus on the biceps

One specific muscle group that many people often what to place at a slightly higher priority over others in effort to spark some additional growth and development is the biceps. Having ‘bulging biceps’, as they’re often called, gives you a feeling of power and demonstrates to those around you that you’re someone who’s serious about working out.

In order to fully develop this muscle to its potential you’re going to want to focus on making sure to hit them with compound exercises that allow you to lift heavy as well as isolation movements that will zero in and focus on this specific muscle group alone.

The below workout program is going to do just that and make sure that you’re allowing this muscle to grow as fast and effectively as possible.

Workout Overview

  • Always be sure to start with a ten minute warm-up of five minutes of light cardio along with an initial warm-up set on your first lift. Aim to lift only a small amount of weight on this set but focus on using correct form to get the blood flowing to the muscles
  • Use a heavy enough weight that has you fully fatigued by the time you hit the last rep indicated but not so heavy that you aren’t able to maintain good form
  • Focus on lifting heavy first and foremost. If you need to rest slightly longer than what’s indicated to keep the weight heavy, do so.
  • At the same time, always make sure you’re maintaining the proper form. If good form is not used, injury risk will be high.
  • Perform the workout using a Monday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday set-up or a Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday /Saturday set-up
  • Make sure to consume your post-workout meal or shake immediately after this workout to promote maximum recovery

Day 1:

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Barbell Rows 3 8 90 seconds
Lat Pull-downs 3 8 90 seconds
Chest Press 3 8 90 seconds
Superset: Bicep Curl, Hammer Curl 3 10 60 seconds
Superset: Tricep Extension, Tricep Dips 3 10 60 seconds
Concentration Curl Drop Set 2 10-10-10 60 seconds
Tricep Rope Press Down Drop-Set 2 10-10-10 60 seconds
Lateral Raise 2 10 60 seconds

Day 2:

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Squats 3 8 2 minutes
Deadlifts 3 8 2 minutes
Lunges 3 10 90 seconds
Superset: Leg Extensions,Hamstring curl 3 10 60 seconds
Standing Calf Raise 2 12 30 seconds
Decline Weighted Ab Crunch 2 12 30 seconds

Day 3:

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Barbell Reverse Grip Rows 3 8 90 seconds
Pull-Ups 3 10-15 90 seconds
Seated Rows 3 10 90 seconds
Chest Press 3 8 90 seconds
Shoulder Press 2 10 90 seconds
Superset: Barbell Curl, Overhead Tricep Extension 2 12 60 seconds
Superset: Front Raise, Lateral Raise 2 12 60 seconds

Day 4:

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Squats 3 8 2 minutes
Leg Press 3 8 2 minutes
Step-Up 2 10 1 minute
Superset:Hamstring Curl, Leg Extension 2 10 1 minute
Seated Calf Raise 2 12 30 seconds
Plank 2 30 seconds 30 seconds

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