Beginner Fat Loss Workout

Workout Goal: Lose fat while firming the muscles and building strength
Features: Full Body Workout

As someone who’s just getting started with their workout routine you’re going to want to be sure that you’re getting off on the right foot. A full body workout set-up is great for the beginner as it will only call for you to be in the gym three days a week, still leaving plenty of time left over for recovery and to also participate in other activities that you enjoy.

Full body workouts are also ideal for fat burning purposes because since they are working every single muscle group in the body with each session, you’ll burn hundreds of calories in each workout completed.

Since you will have to make the most of the time you do have in the gym, you’re going to focus the vast majority of the lifts around compound movements as these are the ones that will stimulate the greatest number of muscle fibers, help you burn fat most effectively, and help you see great gains in strength.

Workout Overview

  • Always be sure to start with a ten minute warm-up of five minutes of light cardio along with an initial warm-up set on your first lift. Aim to lift only a small amount of weight on this set but focus on using correct form to get the blood flowing to the muscles
  • Use a heavy enough weight that has you fully fatigued by the time you hit the last rep indicated but not so heavy that you aren’t able to maintain good form
  • Stay honest with your rest periods – don’t allow more time than indicated unless you are feeling light-headed or extremely fatigued – this faster pace will help increase the metabolic boost you experience from the session
  • Add some cardio training on the days in between the workouts, keeping them to moderate intensity and performing them for 20-40 minutes per session
  • Perform the workout using a Monday/Wednesday/Friday set-up or a Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday or Sunday set-up

Day 1:

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Bench Press 3 8 90 seconds
Squats 3 8 90 seconds
Barbell Rows 3 8 90 seconds
Lunges 2 10 60 seconds
Bicep Curl 2 10 30 seconds
Tricep Extension 2 10 30 seconds
Lying Leg Raise 2 12 30 seconds

Day 2:

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Incline Bench Press 3 8 90 seconds
Deadlifts 3 8 90 seconds
Pull-Ups 3 8 90 seconds
Step-Ups 2 10 60 seconds
Lateral Raise 2 10 30 seconds
Front Raise 2 10 30 seconds
Crunch On An Exercise Ball 2 12 30 seconds

Day 3:

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Bench Press 3 8 90 seconds
Leg Press 3 8 90 seconds
Dumbbell Rows 3 8 90 seconds
Shoulder Press 2 10 60 seconds
Bicep Curl 2 10 30 seconds
Tricep Dips 2 10 30 seconds
Plank Exercise 2 30 second hold 30 seconds

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