Football Workout 101

Workout Goal: Strengthen the muscles while boosting football performance

If you’re someone who’s hard at work training for football practices and games, there’s no question that you’re going to be also focused on doing some sports specific training in the gym to help boost your strength and further compliment what you do while out on the field.

As such, it’s very important for you to focus on those exercises that are going to be most applicable to the skills that you need for playing football since these are the areas you want to excel in.

The following program is going to do just that. It’s a full body workout program to be performed twice per week, which will still leave you plenty of time to get in those practices and games. Since you are placing your body under quite a bit of stress with the regular training schedule you keep up, it’s important to find good balance so that you don’t begin to overtrain yourself.

If you hit each muscle group twice per week, giving 100% with each session, then you will definitely see results at this frequency. Best of all, you’ll come back well rested and ready to push hard once again.

The exercises in this program are going to work on developing a very powerful lower body while increasing the core strength.

It’s very important when playing football to have good core strength so that you’re not only able to stay balanced throughout the entire play but also so that you can maintain control when an opponent tries to come after you.

To the lower body and core work, we’ll also add some exercises to enhance shoulder and tricep strength, two muscles which will be very involved when passing the ball.
You’ll note a few exercises intended for the other areas of the body as well, which are there to ensure no strength imbalances occur.

You’ll likely be getting in a good amount of cardio training with your practices so it’s your decision of whether or not you need to add any additional cardio to this workout program set-up.

Workout Overview

  • Always be sure to start with a ten minute warm-up of five minutes of light cardio along with an initial warm-up set on your first lift. Aim to lift only a small amount of weight on this set but focus on using correct form to get the blood flowing to the muscles
  • Use a heavy enough weight that has you fully fatigued by the time you hit the last rep indicated but not so heavy that you aren’t able to maintain good form
  • Be sure to follow the tempo’s indicated as this is critical to achieving maximum results from the set-up
  • Always allow for at least one day of rest between workouts, preferably two or more
  • Make sure to consume your post-workout meal or shake immediately after this workout to promote maximum recovery

Day 1: Monday

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Squat 4 8 2 minutes
Leg Press 4 10 2 minutes
Shoulder Press 4 10 90 seconds
Bench Press 4 10 90 seconds
Superset: Lateral Raise, Front Raise 2 10 30 seconds
Superset:Bicep Curl, Tricep Rope Extension 2 10 30 seconds
Superset: Leg Extensions,Hamstring curl 2 10 30 seconds
Superset: Decline weighted crunches, Plank 2 12 30 seconds
Superset: Bicycle, side plank 2 12 30 seconds
Supermans 2 12 30 seconds

Day 2: Thursday

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Deadlift 4 8 2 minutes
Leg Press 4 10 2 minutes
Bench Press 4 10 90 seconds
Incline Press 3 2 90 seconds
Superset: Lateral Raise, Reverse Fly 2 10 30 seconds
Superset: Hammer Curl, Triceps Extension 2 10 30 seconds
Superset: Leg Extensions, Hamstring curl 2 10 30 seconds
Superset: Decline weighted twisting crunches, lying leg raise 2 12 30 seconds
Superset: Bicycle, side plank 2 12 30 seconds
Plank 2 12 60 second hold

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